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Writings June 11, 2007

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Since selling our business recently I feel a little lost and spoilt at the same time.  I now have a chance to do anything I want in life.  I can choose at this stage to work or not work.  It is a liberating but strange feeling.  I am so used to being tied to something, that it is weird not to be worrying about the business anymore.  I have always loved writing and am sure that I must follow this path in some manner,  I just haven’t worked out exactly how yet.  In the meantime I am seriously house hunting for a larger family home with the biggest room I can possibly find for me and my STUFF! I am sure to be much more inspired with a bigger play space.


2 Responses to “Writings”

  1. Marie C Says:

    Hello – love your photos – especially this one – would make a great PS layer…. I think we swapped ATCs once via Flickr!! 🙂

  2. misslainey Says:

    Hi Marie
    yes we did swap ATC’s once. Nice to see you dropping by my blog.
    Big Wave

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