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mmm……..fresh rubber June 14, 2007

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Well my bestest bud Marie is back in town and we’ve been nattering about lots of art stuff, kids, life and everything else like a couple of (young) old ladies.  Anyway, this girl is prolific with inspiration and is always onto her next project (puts me to shame hehe..) at a million miles per hour.  I love being around her and we never run out of conversation.  I miss her heaps when she is back in the States but it never really seems too long before she is home again and filling my head with lots of ideas, plans and wonderful art musings. Marie has been an amazing digital artist for the years I have known her and of course is the designer/owner of Lost Aussie Rubber stamps  http://www.lostaussie.com/.  Being the lovely friend that she is, she kindly gave me a couple of plates of new rubber and I am working on some samples using her yummy designs.  Check out her personal blog http://lostaussie.typepad.com/ for daily snippets inspiration and awesome photography!! (I want that camera Marie!!!). Finishing this post off with a couple more of my cemetery photos from the other day (can’t wait to go back!).





4 Responses to “mmm……..fresh rubber”

  1. Marie Says:

    I love you too honey!..thanks for our play day today it was FAB fun!
    Mwah mwah

  2. Can’t wait to see the new plates and what you create with them 🙂

  3. Debbi Baker Says:

    Hi Elaine! I have been out of touch for so long I didn’t know about your blog or even that you’d sold SD. Love your blog – everything about it – colours, photos, art & news about you!! Found the link through Marie’s blog so I’ll be checking in regularly now. Love, Deb

  4. misslainey Says:

    Hey Deb and Nat – I have handed over some samples using Maries plates so I’m sure they’ll pop up somewhere. The new plates are at the lostaussie.com website!
    Deb – heydee ho!

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