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Creating New Space January 20, 2008

Filed under: art — misslainey @ 3:42 am


I’ve been tweaking my art room over the last few days and discovered all sorts of hidden treasures in boxes, drawers and more.  I’m working on lots of new bits and pieces and decided a good clean out was needed to connect with everything in my room again.  It’s amazing what I’ve found that I can use in my new creations and I am eager to get started!  The collection of knick knacks above sit on the top of an old cupboard and are great to look at and really inspire me!


2 Responses to “Creating New Space”

  1. Julie H Says:

    Good to have you back Miss Lainey! Looking forward to both seeing some more art and getting together.

    And, the tip shop has become a bit of a fav’ of mine for old books, and interesting metal.

  2. misslainey Says:

    Of course I knew that I was to be sharing my tip shop with you and other arty locals Jules! hehe!

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