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Ducky Day January 21, 2008

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p1090800rev.jpg p1090775rev.jpg

On one of the days last week my sister Helen and niece Clare were visiting, we drove to Eyres Park to feed the ducks. The seagulls were out in force and the girls took turns chasing them away while the other one fed the very eager (and oh so friendly!!) motley crew of ducks. I was clicking away getting photos all the while.  I’m no duck expert but have eyesight good enough to pick out at least 4 different varieties of our feathered friends.  My favourite was the little guy who features LH in the top photo.  He was very endearing and I was sure that at any moment he was going to open his beak and talk, he was so super cute and perfect- he didn’t seem real! I’ve knicknamed him BILL!


One Response to “Ducky Day”

  1. Elaine Cooke Says:

    Gotta love those ducks and the little girl, Elaine. Elaine cooke

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