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Home Canvases January 29, 2008

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I have noticed since moving 6 months ago that the same contents that was eclectically squished in our previous tiny home is spread out in our larger current house. There is definately greater wall space available too so I thought that I would start some canvases to fill the gaps here and there.


canvas-backgrounds.jpg canvas-backgrounds2.jpg

I’m working on 2 canvases, the one on the left hand side above is painted with acrylics and has a dressmakers pattern adhered between layers (using Golden gel matte medium). I was just having a play positioning the “home” letters and need to add some more paint before anything.


2 Responses to “Home Canvases”

  1. Julie H Says:

    Oooh Lainey that background is delish’! Just beautiful – and I love the idea. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  2. Elaine Cooke Says:

    MissLainey, love your down to earth pictures.

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