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Watercolour play February 17, 2008

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 p1100283.jpg p1100282r1.jpg

Being on holidays is oh so lovely and the other day after feeling creative but having no supplies on hand, I visited a little art store in Wangaratta and picked up a watercolour pad, some watercolours, a couple of brushes and a fantastic liquid pencil medium in a jar made by Matisse Derivan http://www.matisse.com.au/pages/LiquidPencil.html.  Available in a few different graphite undertones , I bought the Sepia. It comes in a reworkable, rewettable format or a permanent  choice.  I wanted to be able to work with the product on the paper so I went for the reworkable formula.  Although I did use this product for my initial drawing, I then overworked with my watercolours, a layer of black sharpie and a white watercolour glaze over the top of the body work to give it a ethereal finish. As I only bought a couple of brushes, I will play more with the liquid graphite when I get home.  It was great to be doing art, on the verandah with a glass of wine. Too good!

Yesterday we visited the lovely towns of Beechworth & Yakandanda complete with a visit to the famous Beechworth Bakery and the latter town being the place where “Strange Bedfellows” was filmed. If you’re not familiar with the movie, it is an Aussie flick with Paul Hogan and Michael Caton. They even kept the name of the town REAL in the movie!!



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